2D CAD drawings

Manufacturing Drawings

manufacturing drawings

Manufacturing Drawings include all the information required for production and shows the information required for the finishing processes. The drawings will then be supplied for a manufacturer to complete your project.

General Arrangement Drawing

Assembly drawings

Drawings give more clarity on the full design. They show product’s overall dimensions, finish look, components and assembling instructions. Depending on the complexity, assembly drawing can be divided in Sub-Assemblies.

Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams include all the information required by an electrical technician to wire up an electrical panel or equipment. The diagrams show relevant information such as: number of terminals, core tags, core size and colour, or even at a higher level such as: cable size and type, cable tags and enclosure tags.

Hydraulic Schematics

Hydraulic schematics are a representation of a pneumatic or hydraulic circuit and includes all the components that are part of the same circuit. These components can be: valves, regulators, gauges, pumps, and others. Therefore, a schematic can be a simple representation of the circuit or even a more detailed representation of it that can include: fittings, pipe sizes, part numbers and other relevant information.